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2017 Average White Band

   The Average White Band's Popularity in the Music Industry

It all began on 1971 for the Average White Band as the year when they were formed. No one expected their debut in 1973when they performed as curtain raisers in one of Eric Clapton's live performances. Then, in no timewithin the same decade, they were already selling millions. To do so, was a milestone during that time.

   They were one of the only few white groups that went beyond the convention—they recruited Steve Ferrone to play as the band's drummer, their first black member in the group. This made their composition quite contrary to what their name is all about. Yet, they still did make a name for their selves in the music industry.

It was then when funk had just been born. It was the new wave of unfamiliar rhythm of music of their time. It is very rhythmic, hyper, and the best music for disco dancing. Average White Band was a young band riding on a young wave of music. They seemed not to belong with the rising bands of the decade in their time. Who can't forget the Scottish funk R&B band that had been boarding up disco hits in the 1970's?

   Their undisguised taste for the uncommon was their trademark. They were the Scots who brought Funk out into the dance floor and live halls. They exposed the beauty in fast tempo music. Their recordings woke the beat up from people with some smooth touch of classic originality. They sold millions of albums with their most popular song "Pick Up The Pieces." They become more popular after the success of their best album, "Cut the Cake."

After four decades of music evolution, the band still performs. Only Onnie McIntyre and Alan Gorrie—, who are both the favorites on guitars, are the only remaining original members of the band. The band's most recent albums are the Soul and the City (2006) and the Times Squared (2009). 

   Fans never forgot the sensational band of the 1970's and until now, as the band still performs and go on tours, it is hard not to recognize their tune that captivated the hearts of many.

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