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2016 Paul McCartney

Music is at its peak in the present century. More and more people are getting involved and attached to music. Due to its diverse kinds, lots of musical groups have got fame across the world. Besides singing, writing lyrics for singers and composing music for songs are also important. Among many celebrities, one of the highly attractive singers is Paul McCartney. He is known for high attractive voice, lyrics of songs and music composition. He got success while working with the famous Beatles musical group. He got success in solo music with his first wife. He is regarded as all-time favorite musician and has earned lots to awards. Moreover, he is a well ranked music composer in music industry. After having practice with music bands and knowing his secrets and talents, McCartney started live performances to give his fans lots of joy and entertainment. From New York City, he started his live performance and got great success on stage. The Yankee Stadium performance of Paul McCartney gave him much fame and he got success in increasing his fans. He got 6 million fans in Mexico City while his performance in 2012. Moreover, he has also performed in Buckingham Palace where he got huge crowd to roar. He is getting more and more fans as he is performing to give joy and entertainment to his fans. Moreover, his specialty includes performance over Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars. He is well versed in all kinds of music and loves to cheer the crowd. Furthermore he is known as pop singer due to his love for pop music. His music expertise includes playing of keyboard as well which he learnt while working for the Beatles musical group. Moreover, he is a well experience drum player. Due to diversities in music, he is famous among lots of people. 


The live performances of Sir Paul McCartney attract his fans from all over the world. He is unique and well versed in his music style. He is loyal to his music and that is why he is favorite of almost all the music lovers. When it comes to ticket for his shows, the crowd goes big and fans find it hard to get the tickets for his shows. The unique voice and the attractive lyrics of his songs make his fans get tickets for lots of occasions. All his performances remain full of crowd and fans find no tickets at times for his shows. Whenever his shows are announced people hurried towards the ticket centers to get the tickets for his show. During his performances, he makes you fall in love with his songs. His lyrics give you heartbreaking story and feel it your own voice. The music of his songs is un-parallel and unique in nature. He gives you the entertainment that you need and look for. If you are among the fans of Paul McCartney you will definitely look for tickets but you are, on the other hand, sure that getting tickets for his shows are not easy. 

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