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Canceled/Rescheduled Events

Rescheduled Events

If an event date/time is rescheduled or postponed, there are no cancellations, refunds, or exchanges. Tickets for a postponed event will be honored for the rescheduled event date. New tickets will not need to be issued. As costs cannot be recovered on tickets acquired specifically for you, no refunds can be issued for tickets to postponed events.

Canceled Events

If an event is canceled for any reason other than an act of God (rainout, earthquake, flood, etc.), war, terrorism, strike, or lockout, you will be provided a full refund for the amount that you paid for the tickets. Shipping charges are not refundable. TICKETS MUST BE RETURNED WITHIN 14 DAYS OF THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE EVENT CANCELLATION. We suggest returning tickets via certified mail or using a carrier that can provide you with proof of delivery. In case of a rainout or strike for a sporting event, no refunds will be made. You must exchange the tickets at the ballpark box office for a seat to a future game that is still available. In all other cases mentioned above, every attempt will be made in every case to obtain a refund from the original seller of the tickets; however, no refund or percentage of refund can be guaranteed.

Partial Event Cancellations

If one day of a multiple-day event (such as a tennis or golf tournament) is canceled or postponed, tickets for that date may not be honored for another day or redeemed for tickets that would. There are no refunds given in this situation. The same policy applies to partially rained-out events. If any part of a day's scheduled events occurs, a full day of the event is considered to have taken place.