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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions about:

Online Ordering

Click the question to view the answer.

  1. What do you guarantee? view answer

  2. Will my transaction be secure? view answer

  3. When will my order be processed? view answer

  4. When will my tickets be shipped? view answer

Your Ticket Order

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  1. Why is the amount I paid per ticket higher than the price listed on the ticket? view answer

  2. Are there any hidden fees? Handling? view answer

  3. Why don't you guarantee the price of tickets until payment is made? view answer

  4. Iíve found the tickets I want to buy, but I need a different number of tickets than whatís offered. Can I still purchase these tickets? view answer

  5. How can the tickets I ordered be unavailable? view answer

  6. Do you take pre-orders for events for which tickets are not yet available for purchase? view answer

  7. I want to buy LOTS of tickets (more than 10), but I canít seem to find what I need on your website. Is there anything you can do for me? view answer

  8. I buy tickets on a regular basis for my company's use. Can I set up a corporate account? view answer

  9. I'm ordering tickets by phone. Why am I being asked for my email address? view answer

  10. Why doesnít your website immediately charge me and give me a confirmation receipt when I place an order? view answer

  11. I'm having trouble logging in to my customer account. What can I do to fix this? view answer

How to Pay for Tickets

  1. What credit cards do you accept? view answer

  2. Do you accept checks or money orders? view answer

  3. Do you accept cash for payment? view answer

  4. I lost the gift certificate I received with my last purchase. Can I still apply the discount to my next order? view answer

Replacements and Refunds

  1. I bought tickets to an event I can no longer attend. Can I cancel my order? Will you buy them back? What can I do? view answer

  2. My dog ate the tickets. (My tickets were apparently stolen.) Can you re-issue them? Can I get a refund? view answer

Getting Your Tickets

  1. I received my order confirmation when I placed my order, but have not received my tickets yet. Whatís going on? view answer

  2. How can I check the status of an order Iíve already placed? view answer

  3. Itís Saturday, and the event I want to go to is tomorrow. Can I still get tickets? Why canít you just ship them overnight? view answer

  4. My tickets were supposed to be delivered to my PO Box. Why havenít they arrived? view answer

  5. Can you ship tickets overseas? view answer

Canceled and Rescheduled Events

  1. My event was canceled. How can I get a refund? view answer

  2. My event was postponed. What are my options? view answer

The Ticket Marketplace

  1. How do you acquire tickets? view answer

Event Ticket ProtectorSM by Allianz Global AssistanceSM

The most frequently asked questions about Allianz Global AssistanceSM Event Ticket ProtectorSM are answered below. If you have additional questions regarding coverage, please contact Allianz Global Assistance by phone at 1-866-456-3102 or by email at Representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you.

  1. What is event ticket protection? view answer

  2. Why do I need event ticket protection? view answer

  3. What does Allianz Global Assistance Event Ticket ProtectorSM cover? view answer

  4. When is the best time to purchase Allianz Global Assistance Event Ticket ProtectorSM in order to be covered? view answer

  5. Are there any restrictions or limitations of the protection? view answer

  6. Do I need to purchase Event Ticket ProtectorSM for each event? view answer

  7. Is my Allianz Global Assistance Event Ticket ProtectorSM cancelled automatically if my event tickets are refunded? view answer

  8. Can I get my money back if I do not attend an event for any reason? view answer

  9. Who can I call if I have questions about the Allianz Global Assistance Event Ticket ProtectorSM? view answer

  10. How can I file a claim? view answer

  11. Why isn't my Allianz Global Assistance Event Ticket ProtectorSM purchase displayed in with my ticket information? view answer

  12. Who provides the insurance for these programs? view answer