Cirque Du Soleil

2017 Cirque Du Soleil

The hit live production known as Cirque Du Soleil or “the Circus of the Sun” is a unique live show, originally hailing from Canada that features a creative mixture of circus acts and live street action to create a completely type of live circus entertainment. The show is known for mixing circus tricks, high aerials and acrobatics along with stunning costumes and light shows to create an experience unlike any other in entertainment today. Although many associate the act with its massive long running stand in Las Vegas the show actually performs in cities across the globe.


The production started as a relatively small group, and now the Cirque Du Soleli show has expanded and grown in to one of the biggest acts on the planet, with multiple productions being shown across the globe and new and exciting additions being constantly added to the show. Today there are more than 271 cities on every continent except Antarctica showing Cirque Du Soleli productions. The performance has even received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star thanks to its immense popularity within today’s entertainment business. Currently this circus act employs more than 4,000 talented performers. 


According to recent reports, to date more than 90 million people have experienced Cirque Du Soleil live, making it one of the most viewed live shows in the history of the entertainment realm. Despite delivering shows almost nightly, the live event is known for almost always selling out every production. This is because there is no other show quite like Cirque Du Soleli in entertainment today.


Fortunately, those who are looking to experience this live spectacular event in person and to get the opportunity to see the show live, will have a number of opportunities. The production continues to grow and is constantly visiting new cities across the planet, including its massive theater in Las Vegas. This venue alone is able to hold thousands of fans every evening. However, just because the show is popular, getting tickets to the live event isn’t always easy so those who have the opportunity to catch the production live will want to whenever they have the opportunity.

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