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Andre Nickatina History

When you talk of hardcore underground rappers in America, Andre Nickatina will feature highly in the list. Andre is an established rapper from the San Francisco area, who has had many years as an active underground rapper since early 1990s. During his first appearances on stage, he was known as Dre Dog, appearing in the By Area in the year 1993. Initially he started in the group IMP. The IMP released the album 'Back in the Day'. Eventually, Dre Dog released the first solo album, but under the copyright name Dre Dog, titled 'The new Jim Jones'. Later he released the first album under the stage name Andre Nickatina titled 'Raven in my eyes'. Currently, Andre has released nine albums, featured in an amateur film and other albums collaborated with other local musician rapper including Equipto. He is widely accredited in producing the music soundtrack in the 205 documentary entitled 'The Gift'. Andre has won various accolades as an award-winning master of ceremony and as a producer. In 20005, named the artist of the year in Bay Area, also taking the winner for the album of the year titled 'Bullets'. Today, he is credited for his production works in seven films heading the role of the director, assistant director, as an actor and producer. After changing his stage name from Dre Dog to Andre Nickatina in 1996, his career leapt making him to develop new fan base with his fantastic voice, lyrical flows and original music flows that cannot be compared to other local MCs. The third album produced, Raven in my eyes, catapulted him as an artist and increased his fans, including the college people buying tickets to his concerts in full. In 2008, the rapper completed a masterpiece work combining well with the late Mac Dre titled 'A tale of 2 Andres'.