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Artie Lange History

Artie Lange is an outrageously entertaining stand-up comedian whose reputation for fast living and vitriolic humor has made him an icon of comic rebellion. Appearing in many films and TV shows, Lange has earned himself a significant following with his unique blend of surly obnoxiousness and precise comic timing. Famed for his ability to switch between meticulous celebrity impressions and outlandish personal discourse, Artie Lange is a larger than life character whose attractive yet intimidating personality is both amiable and refreshing. An explosive comic event, tickets to see Artie Lange are not for the easily offended!

Born in Union Township, New Jersey, Lange established himself on the New York comedy circuit as a stand-up comedian both as an individual and as part of popular troupes such as Live On Tape. Through his popularity as a passionate stand-up, Lange was soon offered a part in the original cast of Mad TV, where he soon became a recognized TV talent. Making a smooth transition from TV sketches to popular films such as 1998’s Dirty Work (with Norm MacDonald) and The Fourth Floor (with Juliet Lewis), the popularity of Lange’s in-your-face comedy seems only to have increased, and Artie Lange stand-up tickets have remained in high demand.

Somewhat infamous for a problematic professional and personal life, Artie Lange’s career has often been erratic. After frequent appearances on hit shows such as The Norm Show, he began his regular spot on The Howard Stern Show in 2001. The show has provided a sometime uncomfortable forum for Lange’s honest, emotional humor and exuberant personality. Despite the many arguments and uneasy events on the show, Lange is still a regular guest. Artie Lange has given many hilarious performances in hit films such as Elf, Old School and Boat Trip, and now you can see his stand-up set live with Artie Lange tickets from Coast to Coast.