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Chris Isaak History

There are very few performers in music today who have been a part of the music scene as long as musician and singer Chris Issak. Even with more than 25 years in the industry; this multi-talented performer is still releasing hit records and still entertaining audiences from all over the globe with his unique musical style. Known mostly for being able to combine numerous style of music and for delivering a unique take on blues and pop music; the songs created from the mind of Chris Isaak are unlike any other in the business today and fans of the performer have been loving these tunes ever since Issak burst on the music scene in 1984.When Chris Isaak first released his 1984 record Silvertone, music fans had yet to hear a sound quite like it. This album would go on to have great critical and commercial success and had two tracks appear in the cult classic David Lynch movie Blue Velvet. After this tremendous start in the industry, Chris Isaak continued to record and continued to create new music as his fan base grew and grew. Over his more of a quarter of a century in the music industry, Isaak has not only garnered the attention of many fans but his has also had a number of big name hit singles such as “Wicket Games,” and “baby Did a Bad Bad Thing,” two of the biggest radio hits of the 1990s.Even with all of this success behind him and an enviable career in the music world; Chris Isaak has shown no signs of slowing down. He has since gone on to make numerous television appearances; even getting his own adult comedy show and to create hit music for television shows and movies alike. However, for fans of the performer the most exciting ventures of Isaak’s career include his live performances.During his long career, Isaak has gone on several big nation-wide tours to some of the biggest venues in the entire world. Beginning in 2012 and lasting through 2013; Isaak will hit the road once again in what promises to be one of his most unique tour experiences of all time. His latest live performance venture will give audiences who are able to get Chris Issak tickets an opportunity to see the performer play homage to some of the biggest performers to ever record under the Sun Records studio. This tour will feature covers of greats like Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Elvis and will give fans an opportunity to see Isaak unlike ever before.