Cirque Du Soleil Iris Tickets

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Cirque Du Soleil Iris History

In today’s entertainment world, there is no matching the popularity that the world has given Cirque Du Soleli performances. Cirque Du Soleil is one of the most viewed live performances in the history of entertainment and has performed on every continent in the world except Antartica. Cirque Du Soleil has even received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star thanks to its immense popularity within today’s entertainment world. Currently this circus act employs more than 4,000 talented performers who deliver a unique style of street movements and circus acrobatics to thousands of audience members every night.As the production continues to grow and fans continue to come out in droves to experience Cirque Du Soleil; the creative minds behind this production continue to develop new ways to keep their fans and their audiences entertainment. This means coming up with new types and styles of shows including the wildly popular Cirque Du Soleil: Iris. This Cirque Du Soleil show features a completely new twist and explores the history and the world of cinema and is set in the perfect backdrop for a show of its type: Los Angeles.This show is currently enjoying an extended stay in Hollywood at the iconic Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. This large scale production was created specifically for the world of Los Angeles and specifically to work in harmony with its home at the iconic Dolby Theatre in LA. This inventive spectacle take the high flying acrobatic tricks that Cirque Du Soleil is known for and pairs them with live music, dancing and projections that showcase the history of the world of film. With 72 different performers and more than 200 costumes; this live performance will have audiences captivated from the moment it begins to the final curtain call.By paying homage not only to the tricks and the abilities of the human body but to different types of styles of film, Cirque Du Soleil: Iris provides an entertainment experience unlike any other. This unique approach to live entertainment has helped Cirque Du Soleil: Iris become one of the most beloved and popular live entertainment shows in all of Las Vegas. However, just because the show performs every night in Los Angeles, getting tickets to the live event isn’t always easy so those who have the opportunity to catch Cirque Du Soleil: Iris live will want to whenever they have the opportunity.