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Gin Blossoms History

In 1987, in Tempe Arizona, one of the most innovative bands of the time; Gin Blossoms came from this popular musical movement of the 1980s. When the group first hit the music scene; they started developing a massive following of fans thanks to their unique style and one of a kind sound that has been described as everything from pop and punk and everything in between. Their first big breakthrough song was a hit called “Hey Jealousy” a song that came from their 1992 album title Miserable Experience. From the moment they hit the music scene; the group started rising to the top of the rock music world and became recognized for their efforts in bringing this unique musical sound to the world of mainstream music.The band is also known for utilizing other styles and influences to create a sound that is entirely their own. Even after years in the business, the Gin Blossoms have continued to reinvent themselves and create new and exciting music for their fans. During their success in the business the group has established a massive following of fans. Even with decades in the business the band and a break up in 1997; the band has come back together and still has a major following of dedicated fans throughout the globe.Today the Gin Blossoms are still creating new music and performing for fans from all over the planet and while they have had several lineup changes their sound still remains the same. During most of the year; fans of the group will find Gin Blossoms touring around the country visiting some of the biggest venues in the entire country performing some of their early hits from the late 1980s and early 1990s as well as hits from their latest recordings as well. Whether you are a fan of some of their original work or you prefer some of their latest hits and collaborations; whenever Gin Blossoms takes the stage they are sure to delight fans with their one of a kind over-the-top performance style.Fortunately for fans of the group; Gin Blossoms will be touring around the globe for most of the year and delivering performances that feature their signature high energy performance style that will have fans on their feet the whole time.