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John Cleese History

John Cleese is a professional slapstick comedian. That is, of course, only if you can call walking around London in your underwear and terrorizing old ladies professional. His sketch work with Monty Python's Flying Circus was groundbreaking and hilarious in a morose and mentally unstable sort of way. Most importantly, John Cleese is touring doing his standup comedy and you need tickets to see the show.

From childhood, John Cleese was always a class-clown type. He was expelled from Clifton College in Bristol for painting footsteps in front of a school statue suggesting that it had gotten up and gone to the toilet. While at school, John Cleese got developed a reputation as a comic and soon was writing for the BBC and other comedy shows. During his a stint with the Cambridge Circus, a comedy troop, Cleese toured Broadway as well.

Close friend and partner in crime Michael Palin has worked with John Cleese since the sixties when they did The Frost Report, in which they mainly poked fun at world leaders and important people, many of which Cleese impersonated. Cleese is best known for The Ministry of Silly Walks, Cheese Shop and the Dead Parrot skits on the Flying Circus show. No one can forget his silly rantings and goofy facial expressions from these skits.

You really never can tell what this man is going to do next. You will love Cleese's dry British humor, physical comedy, and side-splitting political material. He's a gas, no matter if he is telling an off-color joke or impersonating the fairer sex. If you haven't seen him perform standup you really owe it to yourself to get tickets to see John Cleese live. And for goodness sakes take all the friends and family you can muster, because this will be a rare and uproariously funny treat for all.