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Oasis History

You will want to buy tickets to see Oasis on tour. They are the definitive Britpop band and have been going strong since the early 1990s. Oasis followed the grunge movement in America with their own brand of psychedelic rock which took Great Britain by storm. Headed up by brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher, this band grew into a phenomenon in just a few short years.

Noel, the lead guitarist and most prolific songwriter, was invited into a band which had been formed in 1991 by his brother and schoolmates Paul Guigsy McGuigan (bass), Paul Bonehead Arthurs (guitar), and Tony McCaroll (drums). The quintet played their first gig as Oasis in 1993 in their hometown of Manchester, England. Frequently compared to the Beatles, Oasis displayed more raucous influences in their Rolling Stones-style bravado and even some of the edge of the Sex Pistols. So they gained the attention of critics with their beautiful melodies sung by lead vocalist Liam and Noel's trendy guitar riffs. As soon as their first album, 'Definitely Maybe,' was released, it set a record as the fastest-selling debut album in England, and tickets to their live concerts sold out all over Europe.

In 1995 Oasis followed that up with 'What's the Story (Morning Glory),' a giant hit all around the globe. Their energetic stage presence, offstage antics, and heated rivalries with other British bands piqued interest and made their first US tour a complete success.

Oasis slowly became known for their bad-boy activities offstage, and internal friction has led to the band's membership fluctuating over the years. Yet Noel and his brother Liam have been the longest lasting staples of the band. With their well-received sixth album, 'Don't Believe the Truth,' released in May 2005, the band has proven it has staying power even if the members change. Their live show has only gotten better. If you are a fan of their music, you must get tickets to see Oasis live to get the complete experience.