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Queensryche Tickets

Queensryche History

Queensryche are a heavy metal band known for putting on amazing concerts and often playing complete albums live, especially 1988's conceptual masterpiece, Operation: Mindcrime. The band's most successful album was Empire with the orchestrated ballad 'Silent Lucidity,' which put them in the same league as their metal contemporaries Dream Theatre and Metallica. Though their stint touring with Heaven and Hell and Alice Cooper is over, you can still catch them on their own as they tour to support their two latest releases – the greatest hits album Sign of the Times and their album of cover songs Take Cover.

Queensryche got their start in 1981 with Michael Wilton and Chris DeGarmo, who were accomplished guitarists and known for playing in bands around Seattle, Washington. They soon incorporated Eddie Jackson on bass and Scott Rockenfield on drums, adding vocalist Geoff Tate to complete the line-up. The band was signed to EMI in 1983 and they released their self-titled debut album the same year.

The next two albums sold well, The Warning in 1984 and Rage for Order in 1986, and Queensryche's sound evolved from intense grinding metal into contemplative and progressive hard rock. The album that brought them to the attention of rock music fans worldwide was Operation: Mindcrime, which was a hit with audiences and received rave reviews. It was an elaborate concept album that remained a top seller for over a year. The band had already done successful tours with Bon Jovi and Metallica, but now they had proved they could do it on their own.

The early '90s proved to be the biggest years for Queensryche with the release of Empire and their breakout stardom on MTV with the songs 'Jet City Woman' and the title track. In the U.S., the single 'Silent Lucidity' reached number five on the charts and it was one of radio's most played rock songs. In 1991 the band joined the Monsters of Rock tour, did film soundtracks, and released a live version of Operation: Mindcrime.

The songs 'Bridge,' 'Real World' and 'I Am I' were the hits off of Promised Land in 1994, and the album found a loyal fan base despite the upsurge of alternative and modern rock. Original guitarist Chris DeGarmo left Queensryche after the release of Hear in the New Frontier in 1997, and the band added Kelly Gray, who took up lead guitar after they released their Greatest Hits and hit the road for a tour with Iron Maiden.

With the release of Operation: Mindcrime II in 2006, fans of hard rock are guaranteed a spectacular live show from Queensryche. Tickets to see Queensryche perform their signature progressive rock and concept albums live in concert are in high demand, so don't miss this chance to see a band that truly knows how to rock.