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Simon And Garfunkel History

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel first played together when they were both 16 and part of the group Tom and Jerry. The song, Hey, Schoolgirl, was a 1950's rock song and got all the way onto the US Top 50. An album was released following the hit, but was not released until the 1960's, once Simon and Garfunkel were on their rise to fame. Following the completion of the album for Tom and Jerry, Garfunkel went off to college, and Simon started his solo career.

In 1964, the two got together again and created the Wednesday Morning, 3AM album, with the song The Sound of Silence released as the first single. The song did not receive popular reviews and the band broke up again. In 1965, Tom Wilson re-did The Sound of Silence by adding electric guitar sounds to it and it was re-released. This time it shot to the top of the US charts. Simon and Garfunkel quickly got back together and released the Sounds of Silence album, with hit songs like Somewhere They Can't Find Me, and I am Rock.

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme, released in 1966 is considered the first true hit album by the pair. Scarborough Fair / Canticle, the first track on the CD, is even loved by kids who were not even alive yet when the album was released. Homeward Bound is a great blend of guitar, beautiful lyrics, and great voices, and is loved by many. In 1968, Simon and Garfunkel released Mrs. Robinson with the soundtrack for The Graduate and immediately rose in the charts both in the US and in Europe.

1970 brought Bridge Over Troubled Water, with its title track quickly shooting to #1 on the US charts. Three other singles from the album made it into the top 20, Cecilia, El Condor Pasa, and The Boxer. The Only Living Boy In New York was a song by Paul Simon for Garfunkel, and it shows in the emotion behind the lyrics. Strangely, soon after the release of this album, the duo suddenly broke up and went their separate ways.

In 1981, the duo got together to play for over 500,000 fans in Central Park, in New York. The session was released in 1982 by Warner Bros. Records. Simon and Garfunkel reconciled their differences again enough in 1993 to play over twenty dates in New York.

After another 10 years, in 2003, the duo started a tour around the US to the pleasure of its millions of fans.