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The Nance History

From the creative minds of director Jack O’Brien and writer Douglas Carter Bean comes the Broadway production of the play known as “The Nance.” The play unfolds in the 1930s and is designed to be a period piece about the time and about one of the most controversial performers that often took the stage in this era, actors known as nances. At the time a nance was one of the most popular characters in live theatrical productions and they were an over-the-top often camp homosexual character that would take the stage to provide comic relief in live stage productions. These exaggerated characters were typically played by straight male characters and were often the most popular in the entire show.‘The Nance’ follows the tale of one of these performers and tells the tale of the world of burlesque in the 1930s and of a character, Chauncey Miles, who is the headlining performer of a New York City burlesque show. As the production unfolds and the audience is introduced to the time period and the burlesque world; more information about Miles is unveiled and it is revealed that this over the top character happens to be a homosexual in real life as well. With a sexual orientation that was not openly accepted during the time period; Miles faces a great deal of inner turmoil as he navigates the secretive and dangerous gay community in 1930’s New York City.As the tale performs, Miles’ character, who is brought to life in the Broadway production by award winning actor Nathan Lane, provides humor and deep emotional distraught as he struggles with his role as a gay man of the time while taking on his role as a ‘nance’ mocking his own sexual orientation. The production is brought to life by these deep emotional issues as well as plenty of humor, fun and of course plenty of over-the-top burlesque musical productions. The outrageous antics of Miles’ on stage character provide a stark contrast to his real struggles as a person as the audience not only gets insight into his career as a performer but his messy personal life as well. This musical production, recently got the Broadway treatment and features over-the-top costumes, original musical numbers and larger than life performances by its cast of talented Broadway performers.