They Might Be Giants Tickets

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They Might Be Giants History

The band, They Might Be Giants, often also called TMBG first came together in 1982 with members John Flansburgh and John Linnell. It didn’t take long for these musicians to rise to the top of the rock world with their unique alternative and indie rock sound. Soon as the band began to grow in popularity and started to develop a dedicated fan following they have been joined by a number of different artists to help bring They Might Be Giants to be an even bigger rock music group. Currently; members of They Might Be Giants include their founders along with Marty Beller, Dan Miller and Danny Weiknauf. Together the band has developed a reputation not only for being one of the most innovative bands of their time but for their tendency to experiment with different musical styles to create a sound that is entirely their own.In addition to creating modern rock and alternative songs, the group has found a great deal success in the world of children’s music and in theme music and have even had their work featured on numerous television shows and movies. This is not the only success that They Might Be Giants has found either; with platinum records, millions of albums sold more than 15 studio albums and two Grammy Awards to their name; this band has made a major impact on the world of rock music both for their adult alternative fans and for their children’s music fans.Those who are looking to see They Might Be Giants live will find that the multi-talented band will be taking the road and touring through much of 2013. With their unique musical style and their ability to take influences from all different types of music, seeing They Might Be Giants live is an event that fans of all ages can appreciate. Those who are looking to get They Might Be Giants tickets will find that even with years in the industry this innovative band has the ability to create new and exciting music and over-the-top live performances that are sure to have audiences on their feet during the entire performance.