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Coast To Coast Tickets is your connection to great tickets, nice people and a fantastic buying experience. Whether enjoying our secure online shopping or ordering by phone, at Coast To Coast Tickets our goal is to satisfy customers everyday by connecting them with the best tickets on the secondary market for high demand events and premium seats to events, local and nationwide. We research events to find information such as onsale dates, tour schedules, and seating charts. We search for the seats you want and provide a full list of what is available. We find tickets for otherwise sold-out events. In short, we do the searching for you, and we make it possible for you to buy tickets to an event, even at the last minute.

100% Worry-Free Guarantee

We're committed to making your buying experience fantastic and we back this up with a 100% money-back guarantee in the unlikely event of a problem. Along with our great ticket prices and secure transactions , we are committed to standing by you if a problem arises. Here's what we promise:
Our logistics are integrated with FedEx, so you can easily track the status of your order.
After your order is placed and confirmed, you can be certain that you will receive seats in the section and row that you chose. If, for any reason, the tickets you selected are not available after confirmation, comparable or better tickets may be substituted at no additional cost to you, or you may receive a complete refund.
Most tickets ship within 24 hours of order placement.

Why Buy From Us?

Great Ticket Prices

Coast To Coast Tickets is your connection to the most competitive ticket prices on the secondary market. By marketing tickets held by vendors nationwide, we are able to offer you an incredible ticket selection - this affords you the convenience of one-stop comparison shopping, so you know that you're getting the best deals available on the secondary market. And if you're not sure which tickets are best for you, our friendly, non-commissioned customer service representatives can help you get the most bang for your buck. Whether you're looking for choice seats at the big game, the best view in the theater, or VIP passes to see your favorite artist in concert, we make it our business to help you create an unforgettable experience. We understand that purchasing tickets is a part of that experience, and we strive to make your customer experience as pleasant as possible by offering knowledgeable, no-pressure help so that you can be certain you've found the best ticket prices available! To talk to a knowledgeable representative who can help you create your own unforgettable experience, at the right price, give us a call toll-free at 1-866-353-5167!

What We Offer

Coast to Coast Tickets markets event tickets to thousands of events worldwide. Generally, the tickets marketed by Coast to Coast Tickets are owned by independent third parties. The prices of tickets marketed on our site are determined by these outside ticket vendors, and not by Coast to Coast Tickets. These vendors set their prices based on current market conditions. Please note that prices advertised by ticket vendors on our website are often substantially higher than the price printed on the ticket - our vendors consider supply and demand, quality of seating, and many other factors when setting their ticket prices.

So, why buy from Coast To Coast Tickets?

For popular events, it can be tough to get the selection or service you need from the box office. When consumers are disappointed with the options available directly from the venue, they turn to Coast to Coast Tickets to help. We constantly scan the marketplace to find great tickets that might otherwise be unavailable, and to make sure we're offering the lowest prices on the secondary (non-box office) market. Because of our stringent security measures, we provide our customers with the safety of our transaction environment and the confidence of our 100% Worry-Free Guarantee. And we offer a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team that is fully committed to helping you in your purchase.

Our Industry

Most popular events sell out within minutes of going on sale. Even if you happen to know when the event goes on sale and have the time to go to the box office or online just when it starts, thousands of people are vying for a limited supply of tickets at the same moment. You are not likely going to get the seats you want...and you may not get any seats at all! To fill this unmet demand, companies have emerged that locate, market, and sell premium tickets to sold-out events. These companies are referred to as ticket brokers, or ticket resellers. Some companies specialize in acquiring premium tickets, and these companies must generally pay more than the original ticket cost (face value plus fees) to encourage the original owner of the ticket to part with it. The more popular the event, and the better the seats, the more they pay. Resellers determine the sales price for a ticket based on several factors, the most important being the cost and difficulty of obtaining the ticket and the established market value for similar tickets. After the initial pricing, price fluctuations often occur based on the market supply and demand for that particular show. In the past, some people have been surprised that the ticket face value is lower than the price they paid at retail from a reseller. This occurs for the most basic of reasons - the tickets you're buying are owned by someone else, and they often expect a profit to part with their goods. While ticket reselling has at times been controversial, we usually find that the final markup on tickets is, on a percentage basis, no more than other markups you'll experience surrounding your event. (Think of the markups on food, beverage, souvenirs, and parking!) In many cases, the resellers that are good at acquiring tickets are not set up to deal on a large scale with the public. This is where Coast to Coast Tickets comes in. We provide a dynamic marketplace that allows a comprehensive listing of the very best tickets available, a safe, guaranteed environment for transactions, and a helpful, friendly service staff. While we don't set the prices of the tickets you see on our site - the owners of those tickets do - we are passionate about helping our clients finding the right seats for them - at the best prices the marketplace offers.