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San Diego Padres History

In the year 1969; the city of San Diego, California was finally granted the professional baseball team they had been wanting when the San Diego Padres came to town. It didn’t take long for the Padres to not only find a home in the California city, but they also found a place within the MLB. Although they have only been part of the league for a few decades, and compared to teams that have been in the league for more than 100 years, are relatively young; they have already made a major impact on the world of professional baseball today.

Today the San Diego Padres are one of the most feared and successful teams in the National League. They also currently play in the competitive West Division of this conference. During their time in the National League; the San Diego Padres have gone on to make numerous playoff appearances, to have numerous back to back winning seasons and even went on to win two different NL Championships. The team is not only known for having a great deal of success, but also for having some of the most talented rosters in the MLB season after season. This includes big names like Dave Winfield, Randy Jones and Tony Gwynn. These players have not only helped the San Diego Padres have successful seasons, but they have also helped the Padres develop a massive following within the league as well.

Today, the San Diego Padres are not only a very popular team within their home town of San Diego, but within the country as well. There are thousands of fans from all over the country who proudly call themselves Padres fans and this dedicated support can be seen for anyone who is able to get San Diego Padres tickets to see the team play live.

Those who are able to get these highly coveted Padres tickets will be able to see the San Diego team play at their PETCO Park Stadium; a massive downtown San Diego baseball stadium created just for the Padres. Here fans will find all types of seating options, designed to fit all different types of budgets. No matter where their Padres tickets may be, those who are at these home games can always expect that when the Padres take the field; they will be followed by the support of tens of thousands screaming Padres fans; ready to cheer the team on to another successful season.