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Conor Mcgregor Vs. Floyd Mayweather History

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will meet in the Ring

We have been anxiously waiting for this announcement since the open threat made by Conor McGregor to Floyd Mayweather in an Esquire interview that he would “kill” Floyd Mayweather in “less than 30 seconds.” Now we have it, there is going to be a fight after all.

The announcement was made on the social media on Wednesday when Floyd Mayweather posted a promotional video on Instagram with the catchy caption- “IT’S OFFICIAL”, we quickly rushed to McGregor’s Twitter page and this is what we found- “THE FIGHT IS ON.”

McGregor’s is currently the Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight. He consented to this fight since last month. Sources have claimed that there have been delays from the Mayweather camp.

There is a lot of money to be made from this fight which will be aired on pay per view channels only. Leonard Ellerbe, the chief executive officer of the Mayweather Promotions camp confirmed in his reply to a question on Wednesday that the fight will generate as much as half a billion dollars. In his words “it’s a very, very hot fight, and a fight that the fans want.”

 We remember that the 2015 fight between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao revved up costs as much as $600 million from the ESPN reports, generated from over 4.4 million viewers who paid between $90 to $100 to watch the match on pay per view.

Stephen Espinoza, the executive vice president of ShowTime Sports declares that the promotions have been really successful because there are more sports enthusiasts now than ever before. 

On Wednesday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission confirmed its approval of a request made by Mayweather Promotions to organize a boxing event in Las Vegas on August 26. Part of the conditions of this request was that the event will be broadcast on Showtime, in a special agreement made with Mayweather.

We have some information about the fight here, the U.F.C. President Dana White confirmed to ESPN on Wednesday that the fight would be held at the T-Mobile Arena. There will be 12 rounds and the fighters, weighing 154 pounds each will wear 10-ounce gloves.

Mayweather’s last fight was in September 2015, when he defeated Andre Berto. He hasn’t fought since then. In March, Mayweather shocked the press after he announced that he was coming out of retirement to fight again. Mayweather had previously announced he was retiring for the second time. He has won many notable belts in his boxing career.

 McGregor is a celebrated champion in the U.F.C.’s leader boards. He has a career record of 21 3. His last fight ended with a technical knockout against Eddie Alvarez at U.F.C.  205 in November, this earned him the lightweight title in addition to the previous featherweight title he already had.

A comparison of the two careers puts Mayweather at an advantage, but McGregor has had an impressive run as a boxer too.

Many enthusiasts are impressed by the decision McGregor has taken to go on with this fight.

The general reports from the fans are not very encouraging as they don’t expect a very captivating fight anyway. The Westgate Las Vegas Superbook lists Mayweather as a 100 favorite. This means betting risks would be put at $1,100 on Mayweather for a $100 reward.