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Cavalia History

When it comes to live performances in in today’s entertainment realm; there are very few shows that can compare to the experience that is seeing Cavalia live. This one-of-a-kind live performance was created with the intention to bring an entirely innovative live entertainment experience to audiences across the world and this show more than delivers. As one part live theatrical experience and one part exploration of the unique bond between horse and man over time; seeing Cavalia live is something that fans won’t soon forget.Since it was first formed, Cavalia been touring the globe, visiting new cities and bringing audiences face to face with a live spectacular event that artfully mixes equestrian arts, awe inspiring acrobatics and high tech theatrical special effects all in one show. With a massive international cast of talented actors, performers and acrobatic performers, 50 different beautiful horses and high tech technology and special effects; there is truly something for everyone who is able to get tickets to see Cavalia live.Audiences who do get the experience to see this one-of-a-kind live performance can experience Cavalia, live under its signature 28 meter White Big Top that provides the perfect setting for the show to come to live. The tent hosts a 1,393 square meter performance space that comes equipped with additions such as a 302,000 liter lake to help bring the show to live, along with IMAX screens, a real life carousel and more.Getting tickets to Cavalia means getting to experience this two hour showcase of equestrian talents and to see all of the athletic skills of these performers and the beauty of the hoses live. Due to the high demand from audiences and the extravagant backdrops used in these performances; Cavalia makes longer stays in every city it visits, ensuring that plenty of fans can see the show live and that their main performers, the horses, are comfortable. This means those who are able to get Cavalia tickets in their home town will often have a week or more to see the show.However, this doesn’t mean that audiences should wait when getting their Cavalia tickets as these shows are infamous for selling out night after night as thousands look for the opportunity to experience this truly unique show live.