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John Edward History

John Edward is an internationally acclaimed psychic medium. He has a huge following of people who believe he has proven, accurate, and genuine accounts of after-death communication. John has brought a young, honest, fresh and almost skeptical attitude to the world of psychic phenomena. Growing up, John thought he was just like any other kid on Long Island. He played ball, hung out with his friends, went to school, ate burgers, had out-of-body experiences and visions of relatives who had passed, and predicted surprise visits and phone calls.

It wasn't until an encounter with famed psychic Lydia Clar at 15 when he realized he was special. Lydia made him aware of his abilities and directed him to use them in assisting others. Since then his life's work has been about bringing comfort and hope to people by reuniting them with those they have loved and lost. His clientele has ranged from young to old, people of the clergy to law enforcement agencies, and people from everyday life to well known celebrities. Clients have been known to wait over a year for an opportunity to sit one-on-one with John.

John has expanded his work tremendously, starting with private readings and moving on to radio appearances. He has appeared on such popular morning shows as New York's WLPJ and Los Angeles' KROQ, becoming one of the most highly sought-after guests in the United States. John Edward has been featured on The Crier Report, Entertainment Tonight, The Maury Povich Show, Charles Grodin, CNN's Showbiz Today and Live With Regis. In addition, he appeared in the critically acclaimed HBO special, Life After Life: America Undercover and has been interviewed extensively by the New York Times and Entertainment Weekly.

Driven to get his message out to those who have lost people close to them, John Edward has produced a series of audiotapes and CDs. He has also written several books in the fictional, instructional, and self-help genres. John's autobiography 'One Last Time,' received great reviews and has been on the New York Times bestseller list. His second book 'What if God Were the Sun' and his third book 'Crossing Over' are available in bookstores everywhere.

John gained great momentum and exposure starting in 2000 through his television show 'Crossing Over With John Edward', which has become the highest rated daily show in the Sci-Fi channel's history. He established a connection to the Human Energy Systems Laboratory in Tucson, Arizona where Professor Gary Schwartz and his partner in science and life, Professor Linda Russek head up the laboratory. They are scientists that are studying the science of mediumship and are dedicated to proving survival of consciousness.

With psychic phenomena being so accepted by his family, it was easy for John to hone in on his abilities. He graduated college with a degree in Health Care Administration and Public Administration. He held a management position in a leading health care facility in the Northeast, and continued his research, lecturing, teaching, readings, and writing in the field of parapsychology throughout his life. Due to the large demand for his time and amazing ability, he has been able to pursue his psychic work full time devoting all of his time to helping others with his gift.