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There is no denying that there in no more powerful name in the world of entertainment than Oprah Winfery; this day time talk show host turned CEO, magazine, editor and most recently television network owner; has been part of the world of entertainment for decades. With numerous hit books, shows and even movie appearances to her name Oprah has become one of the biggest, most influential and most recognizable stars in the world. While millions of Americans across the country have spent years vying for an opportunity to meet the mogul live; fans of the multi-talented Oprah Winfery are now being given a chance to see the icon live and in a way they have never seen her before with her latest tour event.During this new tour event, the iconic Oprah Winfery will be doing live speaking engagements to her millions of fans from all over the world. In a unique and candid opportunity to see the woman behind the infamous Oprah Winfery Show, fans of the entertainer will be able to hear Oprah speak from the heart and hear her inspiring tale as she rose from her low-class upbringing to being one of the first black female news anchors. Her real life struggles and triumphs are brought to live in this new Oprah Winfery live speaking engagement as Oprah connects with her audiences and tells her tale of success. The TV anchor, turned day time host, turned Academy Award winner has developed an impressive resume of accomplishments and accolades over the years, but no triumph is a great as her ability to reach fans on a personal level.Whether you are a fan of Oprah from her earlier work, a fan of her magazines or book clubs, or if you watch her on her new OWN Network; any fan and supporter of Oprah Winfery will not want to miss out on the opportunity to see her live and to hear this powerful and moving speaking engagement. Tickets to the event are available for those who are looking to see the mogul live and in person; but those who are interested in getting Oprah tickets will want to act fast. This world-wide superstar is known for selling out the largest venues in the entire world in an instant.