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Have you been waiting all year to see Acoustic Alchemy on tour? Great, they are going to be performing live near you! But wait, it looks like the concert is sold out, or, perhaps, the seats you are finding are not quite what you wanted.
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Acoustic Alchemy History

For almost 25 years now, the Acoustic Alchemy has been pushing the limits beyond which the acoustic guitar can be used in performance. The group is known for expanding the potential that an acoustic guitar has by embracing a range of musical styles. They are common for producing straight-ahead jazz music, folk music and even rock and so much more. Throughout the two and a half decades that they have been in the industry, the group has been able to assemble and sustain a large group of loyal and vast followers from over the world. In fact their fame and coverage has been expanding apart from the 1990s when they faced a tragic setback and many challenges but they soon recovered their top position.The group initially started performance on a small-scale in UK back in the late 80s and early 90s. Over the years they have conquered new and fresh markets with more people loving their music. Their concerts are now more popular and pocket-friendly. However, through it all their overall mission is to reaching the widest coverage of audience they can. This has been through embracing the larger spectrum of guitar styles without limiting their music to a specific genre.According to Greg Carmichael who is a member of the Acoustic Alchemy group, many people consider instrumental music as the sound that plays in the background. So they usually don't put more focus on what the music is but then again they love it. The group is aware of this and has incorporated new and better ways of improving the touch that people get from listening to their music. Many of their fans have claimed that their music is a source of their inspiration while on journey. It is that voice that plays in the background when you are travelling reminding you that there is more to look into than just the journey.