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America The Band History

America has become one of the longest-standing bands in America today. With twenty full-length albums and almost two hundred songs to their name, this band started in the 1970's and is still running strong. Although America has undergone several changes, the band is still popular with young and old alike. Tickets are still being sold for this truly American band.

Although the band is titled America, the group was formed in Watford, England. It began as an acoustic trio consisting of Gerry Beckley, Lee Dewey Bunnell, and Dan Peek. All three members had an extensive musical background before the band was formed. America wrote and performed 'Horse With No Name', 'Tin Man', and 'Sister Golden Hair' under the famous producer George Martin who also worked with the Beatles.

Their first album, the self-titled America, came out in 1971. It included their first single 'I Need You' but the album didn't really go anywhere. However, thanks to their producer, America began touring with big names such as Elton John, Pink Floyd, and the Who. They even opened for Cat Stevens on a European tour and were featured on the BBC.

America's first international single 'A Horse With No Name' (originally called 'Desert Song') became popular in 1972, and the group soon began their first American tour. It was a huge success, so much so that the band moved to California and soon produced their second album, Homecoming. This album is often considered America's finest album. 'Ventura Highway' and 'Don't Cross the River', two singles from this album, soon climbed to the top of the charts.

America was so popular in the United States that in 1972, America was awarded Best New Artist for that year. The band went on tour and sold out tickets across the country. A third and fourth album, Hat Trick and Holiday, soon followed, with each containing at least one Top 20 Hit.

In May 1977, Dan Peek left the band and went solo. The two remaining members of the band continued touring to sold-out crowds despite the setback. The duo spread their fan base and had hit songs in Mexico, Italy, and South Africa.

America is still touring to this day, with 100 to 150 concerts in a year. They have been featured on VH-1 and at Jesse Ventura's inaugural ball after he won the gubernatorial election in Minnesota. America's international fan base is consistently growing as well. Europe is fascinated with their music, which leads to huge CD and concert ticket sales. The duo has even performed in the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

America is a classic and enduring band. They have proven their flexibility by adapting to the changing times. Originating in the early 70s, this group has stood the test of time and developed from a young, acoustic trio to a mature band that blends folk, pop, and rock into their own unique style. Their perseverance has created classic songs like 'One in a Million', 'A Horse With No Name', and 'You Can Do Magic'.