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Angels And Airwaves History

Angels and Airwaves is a band you have to see live to appreciate. Just listening to their music in the car or at home on your stereo is not good enough, no matter what kind of equipment we are talking about. Angels and Airwaves is a dramatic mixture of cinematic, progressive and spacey rock. Their music has exposition, climax and resolution that give it a literary feel and a stream of consciousness appeal. Angels and Airwaves, also known as AVA, will tickle your senses and fill your mind with thought, meaning and memory. You may have heard them on the radio or on the internet, but the Angels and Airwaves listening experience is best at their live performances. If you like what you've heard, you'll want to get your Angels and Airwaves tickets soon.

The members of Angels and Airwaves are Tom DeLonge, formerly of Blink-182 (guitars and vocals), David Kennedy former guitarist of Hazen Street and Box Car Racer (guitars), Atom Willard formerly the drummer for The Offspring (drums) and Ryan Sinn former bassist of The Distillers (bass). Angels and Airwaves is one of those side projects that emerged alongside rumors of an established band's demise. When Blink-182 suddenly announced their hiatus from working as a band, AVA was already in the works. DeLonge had formed the band almost six months prior to Blink-182's break, yet the two events are said to be unrelated. Whatever the circumstances, nothing could deter fans from getting interested in Tom DeLonge's new project.

In 2006 Angels and Airwaves released their first album, We Don't Need to Whisper, amidst a different kind of controversy. The first single was going to be 'Valkyrie Missle' until the song 'The Adventure' was leaked out onto the internet prior to the single's release and the album's official release. The band opened its tour playing for sell out crowds in 2006, which makes our Angels and Airwaves tickets hot commodities at the least.

The music on Angels and Airwaves first album is said to be Angelic. It is ambient progressive rock that is fit for stadium sound like no other. Their sound is big, bright and epic. The music of Angels and Airwaves is meant to be heard live in front of a thousand speakers with all the creative guitar work and sound engineering techniques that go along with a live show. Tickets to Angels and Airwaves shows sell fast, so don't delay! Get your Angels and Airwaves tickets here and get great seats for what is sure to be a grand experience.