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Ariel Pink History

Ariel Pink is a shockingly unique vocalist that has been capturing people's attention since his debut in 1996. He is best known for self-recording all of his own music. He also creates his background music himself, using his mouth and even his armpits to create the effects of drums. Ariel definitely loves to be controversial. The Gothic feel of his music gives off a vibe of negativity that has turned some people off when attending his concerts. He continues to draw crowds despite this fact. Based in Los Angeles, Ariel blends together a mixture of psychedelic pop, freak folk, and avant-garde genres with a lo-fi beautifully confusing sound. His method of being personal and at the same time detached can become highly addictive to listeners of his experimental style. It is interesting to note that most of his current fans are totally unaware of his earlier music due to the albums being self-recorded and not distributed commercially. Outside of his music, Ariel likes to create and sell semi-abstract and surreal grotesque artwork. He is not afraid to express his raw emotions as he is feeling them. He has worked hard over the past few years to deliver a better concert experience for his fans. He released an album in 2012 titled Mature Themes that became critically acclaimed. This album brings a comedic twist to dark topics. His unique sense of humor shines through topics that can typically be described as disturbing. Intermixed are moments of hauntingly vulnerable moments that express deep truths hidden in everyday normal events. Through his music, Ariel tries to wake up humanity from the absurdity of life and live each moment as it really is, good or bad. He is definitely an artist to check out for those who are into shock and awe. You won't be disappointed.