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Arlo Guthrie History

Arlo Guthrie is a famous American Folk singer who is well known for songs of protest that he sung against social-injustice. Arlo sung many songs but one of his very famous works is the Alice's Restaurant that is a satirical talking-blues song. It is an 18 minute long song that is famous around the world.  Arlo Guthrie is was born on 10th July 1947 and the interesting thing is his Late father Woody Guthrie was also a famous American folk singer and may be Arlo Adopted his singing skills from his father only. While his father was a singer his mother was dancer and his maternal grandfather was a renowned poet that makes Arlo a person who belongs from a completely artistic family.  Arlo was born in Brooklyn, New-York and he studied till 8th grade in a local school in Brooklyn only. After 8th grade and after that he completed his higher studies from Massachusetts and Montana and in 2008 he got honorary doctorate degree from west filed state college.  

Alice's Restaurant is one if his very popular song that is very long also that became a big hit and after this song he gave so many popular songs that entire world loved. Other than combined music albums Arlo Guthrie has some of the most successful singles also in his track record. Though Arlo Guthrie is well known for his American Folk singing and composing he did acting also in some films and televisions. Arlo had some smaller roles in several films and in television also including film Alice Restaurant. Along with this movie he also acted in few television and documentary films.  Now Arlo Guthrie is above 65 year of age and he is still having full of energy that you can see and feel when you see his live performance on stage. And the best thing is he is still entertaining the world and giving symphony of music in his late year also.