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Blue Oyster Cult History

Blue Oyster Cult's career has been an incredible journey through their numerous albums and their sold out infamous concerts. They have made over fifteen studio and live albums, and to this day are well known and respected by metal fans worldwide. Most of their albums have gone gold or platinum with sales reaching the millions.

Blue Oyster Cult, nicknamed BOC, was formed on the campus of Stony Brook College on Long Island in 1976 by students Sandy Pearlman, Richard Meltzer, Andy Winters on bass, Donald 'Buck Dharma' Roeser on guitar, John Wiesenthal, who was replaced by Allen Lanier on keyboards, and Albert Bouchard on drums. Pearlman managed and co-wrote songs with Meltzer. Later, Les Bronstein joined the group as the lead singer. The group maintained a close relationship with many notable literary figures of science fiction and horror, such as Eric Von Lustbader, Patti Smith, Michael Moorcock, and Stephen King. Initially, BOC had a few failed attempts at a debut album when they signed with Elektra Records and changed their lead singer to Eric Bloom, who was the band's manager.

Finally, BOC signed to Columbia Records in 1971 when Winters was replaced with Albert Bouchard's brother, Joe. A self-titled album was finally released in 1972 and a second album, Tyranny and Mutation, in 1973 didn't quite make it high on the charts. Their third album, Secret Treaties, was released in 1972 and was their first album to break the top 100 bestsellers. BOC then released a live double album, On Your Feet or On Your Knees, in 1975. Their fourth studio album, Agents of Fortune, released in 1976, finally included a top ten hit single, '(Don't Fear) The Reaper'. It was their first to go gold and then platinum. After this, On Your Feet also went gold. Spectres was then released in 1977 and went gold in 1978. The same year, a second live album, Enchanted Evening, was made and became their second album to sell over a million copies. Mirrors was released in 1979, and a year later Cultosaurus Erectus, with the hit 'Burnin' For You,' was released.

The BOC was infamous for their replacement of members: the group continually morphed. They replaced Bouchard with Rick Downy and then came out with their third live album, Extraterrestrial Live, in 1982, directly followed by The Revolution by Night, which was released in 1983. To follow sort, Lanier left and was replaced by Tommy Zvonchek. Their 13th album, Club Ninja, was released in 1986, the same year that Joe Bouchard left and was replaced by Jon Rogers. By 1987, Lanier returned, but Wilcox left and was replaced by Ron Riddle on the drums. In 1988, they recorded their last album with Columbia, Imaginos.

In more recent years, BOC released Cult Classic in 1994, an album of all-time favorites. By 1995 they released a double disc anthology, Workshop of the Telescopes. In 1998, under the CMC label, they released Heaven Forbid, and a few years later The Curse of The Hidden Mirror. BOC reached a new high when Metallica covered their classic, 'Astronomy,' for their best selling Garage Inc. album in 1998. BOC continues to tour nationwide, hitting all cities with die-hard heavy metal fans.