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Chippendales History

Chippendales are a group of all male erotic dancers. Somen Banerjee, Paul Snider, and Bruce Nahin established the group in 1979. The group started in Los Angeles, where Banerjee owned a disco turned nightclub. The group eventually came up with the idea of a male strip show. This was incredibly popular with female attendees and quickly; Chippendales grew out of Los Angeles.Quickly in the early-1980s, the group expanded to New York, London, Hamburg, Philadelphia, and Florida and found themselves a rousing success. The group also went on tours, both domestically and internationally, touring across Asia and Europe. After a falling out between choreographer Nicolas de Noia, who was brought in after Snider’s death in 1980, and Banerjee, Banerjee brought in Steve Merritt and Mark Donnelly, who were putting on shows in Las Vegas and London. Under Merritt and Donnelly, the group turned into a pseudo-Broadway show, with dancers and music and themes.Despite the group’s success, they are known almost as well for the legal issues that surround them as for their performances. In the early 1980s, the group was the target of a number of lawsuits. These lawsuits stemmed from alleged racial and sexual bias, and accusations of racial discrimination. This did not stop Chippendales from becoming increasingly popular, and in 1993, founder Somen Banerjee allegedly orchestrated the 1987 murder of Nicolas de Noia.As the legal proceedings of the trial wore on and Banerjee’s guilt was exposed, he was found dead in his prison cell, just hours before the sentencing in his trial. This lead to a number of transactions involving Banerjee’s stake in the company, which eventually led to the current owner, Chippendales USA, purchasing the company.Many other male striptease revues have started as a result of the success of Chippendales, and the group has been parodied by Saturday Night Live, and has found itself a staple of popular culture in America. Today, the company is worldwide, and has a permanent home in the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, in addition to the touring troupes that tour across the world.