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Cincinnati Reds History

Today, the Cincinnati Reds proudly hold the title of the oldest team in MLB history. Their impressive history within the world of professional sports began back in 1869 and by the time they joined the National League in 1890; they already have a large and dedicated following and an impressive fan base of enthusiastic supporters. That fan base has been there for the Cincinnati Reds during their nearly 150 years as an organization; and continues to stand by the organization today. The modern day Cincinnati Reds are still known throughout the league and still honored not only for being one of the most established teams in the MLB but for being one of the most successful. They are currently members of the competitive Central Division of the National League; along with other big name MLB teams like the St. Louis Cardinals. However, in addition to facing off against teams like the Cardinals and the Cubs, the Cincinnati Reds are also known for their rivalries within the league with teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Houston Astros. No matter who the Cincinnati Reds are taking on, fans can always expect an exciting time when the Reds take the field. During their time as an organization this baseball team has had a number of big name players including Jimmy Wynn, Bob Bruce, Ken Johnson and Nolan Ryan on their team. They have won the National League Championship nine different times and have five different World Series Titles to their names. Getting to see the Cincinnati Reds play live at home means getting to see the Reds at their home stadium; properly named The Great American Ball Park. This state-of-the-art stadium not only pays homage to the Cincinnati Reds but to the sport of baseball in general and holds more than 42,000 fans at each and every home game. However, this doesn’t mean that getting Cincinnati Reds tickets will be easy; as the stadium is also known for selling out for most home games. For fans who are able to get Reds tickets; they will have a number of seating options, including seating in the stadium’s glass encased restaurant on the third level; deemed the Riverfront Club. Whether you are looking to enjoy Reds tickets that come with restaurant seating and a steak or you are looking for a more affordable ticketing option there is truly something for everyone at the Great American Ball Park.