Cirque Du Soleil Mystere Tickets

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Cirque Du Soleil Mystere History

Mystere is a beautiful blend of color, sound and human acts of precision and agility. Since its beginning in 1993, Mystere has been said to have changed the face of Vegas shows forever. It has been honored five times as the Best Production Show by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. You will want to get tickets to see this show soon because it will change your view of what is humanly possible, forever.

Mystere features vibrant colors and unbelievable characters. They have dancers, musicians, acrobats, singers, a puppeteer and a foolish clown. This clown, Brian Le Petit, interrupts the show at times, misleads guests to the wrong seats and generally causes fun- loving havoc in the audience while the show goes on.

There are no animals in this show, just humans with extraordinary power and talent. In the spirit of Cirque Du Soleil, the acrobats do death-defying stunts and beautiful fluid feats. They are awe-inspiring and very high off the ground during much of he show. Trampolines, high wires, and catapults are used by these thrilling artists. This is nothing like any ordinary circus.

Mystere's performers work together in balancing acts and feats of strength and agility. The music for the production is played on a wide array of instruments and gives Mystere its worldly feel. Huge drums are played to open and close the event, and all the acts are accompanied by seamlessly choreographed musical numbers. If you haven't seen this show yet, you are really missing out. Mystere is a wonder to behold, so buy your tickets now and prepare to be taken on a luscious journey.