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Cirque Du Soleil Totem History

Totem is a touring show produced by Cirque du Soleil. The show premiered in April of 2010 in Montreal. The show originated as a big top, known as Grand Chapiteau, show; however, it has since been converted into an Arena show. The show was written and is directed by Robert Lepage. Kym Barett designed the costumes, and Carl Fillion designed the sets and props. Jeffrey Hall did the choreography while Florence Pot designed the acrobatic performances. Guy Dubuc and Marc Lessard composed the music for the show.The show shows the evolution of man from amphibious toward the aspiration of flight. The production team used a number of projection technologies previously unavailable to enhance the sets including the swamp and volcano scenes. The original cast is comprised of 52 performing artists. The two main characters are the tracker and the scientist, who are met by the Amerindian dancer and the crystal man, as well as two clowns and a number of apes, who help the audience track the evolution of man.The performance uses a number of highly complex circus skills ranging from unicyclists to a fixed trapeze duo and a Russian bars routine. There are more than 750 costume elements used in the performance, and the costumes themselves were inspired by elements from nature. The score of the performance kept the concept of nature in mind as many themes are used by the composers when creating the score. Distinctive themes include elements from Native American, Spanish, and Indian music. Totem is known for having the distinction of having every musician sings at some point.Totem took a slightly different touring route than most Cirque du Soleil performances. Whereas most Cirque du Soleil tours will begin in Quebec before heading to the United States, due to the tours of three other Cirque du Soleil performances in the Western United States where the tours usually set out from, Totem went straight from Quebec to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Totem is also notable for how quickly they converted from a Grand Chapiteau performance to an Arena, as less than a year after it opened, the first Arena performance took place.