Cirque Du Soleil Zumanity

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Cirque Du Soleil Zumanity History

Zumanity is a show created by the amazing talent that thought up Cirque du Soleil. The show is a celebration of the human body, featuring an international cast of 50 performers and musicians. This 90-minute encounter with flirtation and eroticism reveals the beauty of the human body. The performers showcase the hidden forces behind desire and celebrate human diversity. The show boasts an exciting blend of fashion, art, music, dance, circus arts, personality, and sensuality.

The Cirque du Soleil crew discarded normal human inhibition to reveal the world of the human body to the audience. This creative approach to revealing human emotion through bodily expression is intended for a mature audience, so no one under 18 will be permitted. Though the show doesn't bill itself as an erotic performance, they warn that if you are easily offended by expression through human contact, the show may not be for you. But the approach is tasteful and artistic to the delight of the audience.

The creative team behind Cirque du Soleil wanted to explore another side of their typical circus arts show, and so Zumanity was born. Their goal was to create a show that embodied emotions and humanity through uninhibited exploration of sensuality and sexuality that is so close to our daily life. The objective, simply stated, is to invoke, provoke, and evoke through creativity the human emotions tied in to sensuality and sexuality.

Writer and Director Rene Richard Cyr is a versatile and creative director who gained experience as an actor, writer, director, and producer. Cyr collaborated with long time partner Dominic Champagne to complete the final touches on the show. These two creative minds accomplished the challenging feat of creating a show that celebrates the human body in a tasteful way as well as incorporating the vibrant spirit of Cirque du Soleil. Creative Director Andrew Watson and Costume Designer Thierry Mugler join Cyr and Champagne to finish out the heart of the creation team. Set designer Stephan Roy uses family influences and childhood friendships as inspiration in creating sets for Cirque du Soleil and Zumanity.

The show features a variety of short plot lines that weave together for an attention-grabbing show. Characters like the flamboyant Joey, Mistress of Seduction, engage the audience in a mix of formality and outrageousness. Joey leads the audience through the Zumanity universe with a charisma unique to a male diva. Alex is Zumanity's resident gigolo who exudes sexual energy with his powerful physique and dazzling smile. Goula and Bolormaa always appear together, discovering the world through their joint sensuality. Jonel brings a wide range of dance styles to the energetic show with her background in ballet, jazz, break-dancing, hip-hop, and flamenco. Another irreplaceable member of the cast is Laurence, a self-confident and mature woman whose life has given her strength and intelligence. AlmuKataB draws on a Moorish influence to present his sensual dances, including a belly dance. Other cast members lend their talents to the show, which has been selling thousands of tickets nationwide.