Disney On Ice: Finding Nemo Tickets

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Disney On Ice: Finding Nemo History

Finding Nemo on Ice is a precious production that is sure to entertain kids of all ages. The little clownfish will help his new friends plan an escape from their tank as Nemo's father searches the whole ocean for him along with his forgetful friend Dory. She has all the clues but can't remember them, so the overprotective Marlin soldiers on trying to trigger Dory's memory about the missing Nemo's whereabouts. This is an endearing tale and you don't want to miss it. Get your Disney on Ice: Finding Nemo tickets here.

This hysterical comedy features some of your favorite Disney characters. The ice-dancing and sets are incredible. This icecapade's actors are talented skaters with their fluid movements and breathtaking tricks. Never before has this tale been adapted for the stage. A festival of color and amusing adventures, Disney on Ice Finding Nemo is a production your children will remember for a lifetime.

Finding Nemo is the story of a father who is afraid of losing his son after the loss of the boy's mother. Marlin ventures out into the open water he fears so much to rescue Nemo from imprisonment and certain death. Along the way Marlin meets Dory, who had witnessed the boat taking Nemo but can't remember it because she has short term memory loss. Dory is hilarious as through her quirks and babbling they finally figure out where to find Nemo.

Nemo's time with the Tank Gang is as funny as in the movie. The wacky people and personalities Nemo encounters along his journey are the most fun ironic characters you have ever met. The costumes and sets are colorful and fun. Buy your family Finding Nemo tickets, because they will love this one-of-a kind undersea adventure on ice.