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Dolly Parton History

Dolly Parton is a Country Music icon. She has been on the radio, TV, film and has her own amusement park. She is internationally known for her music and on screen personas. Dolly's biggest mark has been on Country Music and she continues to support the scene today. As it was years ago, tickets to Dolly's concerts still sell out all over the country.

Dolly's career started at a very young age. She came out of poverty to become one of the most loved performers of her time. By the 1970's she was putting out number one hits. Her music bridged a gap between Country and Pop music with her 1977 hit Here You Come Again She was one of the first to crossover genres like that and she was one of the first to crossover like that.

Parton's beauty and name gained legendary status all over the world over the years and through her many varied accomplishments. She reached her goal of spreading the good word of Country Music farther than the US. Dolly became a true entertainer and devoted her life to the happiness and enjoyment of her audience. Dolly now even has an amusement park, Dolly Wood, in the Smoky Mountains which features rides, shows, food and all around family fun.

In her persisting will to further and stay active in Country Music, Parton still tours. Dolly's live performances are breath taking, and you may hear classics like Coat of Many Colors, I Will Always Love You, or Jolene. You will want to buy tickets to the superstar Dolly Parton on center stage. It will be an endearing, and priceless experience