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Duran Duran History

So good, they had to be named twice. With albums including Rio, Seven and the Ragged Tiger, Arena, Notorious, Liberty, Thank You, Medazzaland and Pop Trash, Duran Duran spawned a lengthy hit list that would make even the most established turn green. Coinciding conveniently in 1981 with the onset of a new programming channel named MTV, Duran Duran's entrance onto the music scene had the perfect combination of sound and looks that wreaked a frenzy to be felt across the globe. By 1983 they dominated the gilded and glittering US market, and became household names.

Their beginnings in Birmingham, England were marked with a rotating lineup until the solid cast of Simon LeBon, Andy Taylor, Roger Taylor,John Taylor and Nick Rhodes was established in 1980. From there, an eventual plan for world domination evolved and was met within a surprisingly short amount of time. By 1983, Wembley, Madison Square Garden and the other landmark arenas were mastered and brought down without a hitch.

They have a frighteningly allegiant group of fans. As evidenced by Jill Mellgren, fan/borderline stalker, 'I heard their first album and from that minute onward, I was hooked. I've seen them sixteen times. I've canceled Christmas with family to go see them perform in Vegas. I've met them six times. They remember me. I will never let them go.'

Any group that can foster this type of rabid dedication is a force to be reckoned with and their newest album, Red Carpet Massacre is recruiting a new generation of converts. So go ahead and get in line. You know your hairdresser wants you to.