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Gretchen Wilson Tickets

Gretchen Wilson History

Gretchen Wilson is an American country music phenomenon. Her 2004 debut single, 'Redneck Woman', hit the top of the Billboard Charts. Here for the Party, her first album, hit the country and pop charts at number one and two respectively. Wilson's crossover success has sold her a lot of albums and makes her concerts more popular than any country artist touring right now because she has such a variety of fans. If you have heard her music, you really have to get Gretchen Wilson tickets. There is no better way to experience Gretchen Wilson's music than through her spectacular live performances.

Gretchen Wilson grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Raised in poverty, she began working at an early age, and by the time she was 20 she was singing in bands.

When she moved to Nashville in 1996, though, she didn't meet with much success in the famous town. In 2000, she began working with friend John Rich, who got her involved in writing songs, and she also began recording as a back-up singer on other artists' records.

In 2003, Wilson got picked up by Epic Records and recorded her first album, Here for the Party. 'Redneck Woman' reached the top of the charts here in the US, and the song and album has hit the top of the charts in other countries like Australia, where American country music is very popular. In the US, she garnered the attention of pop music fans and earned crossover success on the radio and in the charts.

Wilson's 2005 release, All Jacked Up, has been touted as a strong sophomore effort and songs like 'All Jacked Up,' 'Politically Incorrect,' and 'I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today' have gotten great reviews and chart-topping success. You have to see her live show to fully appreciate the scope of her talent. Most country singers know how to put on a great show, and we can say for sure that Gretchen Wilson is no different. Buy Gretchen Wilson tickets and bring the family. You will fully understand what all the hype is about when you hear her earthy voice and lively lyrics.