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Howie Mandel Tickets

Howie Mandel History

Howie Mandel is considered to be one of the most thriving comedians today. He began his profession over a dare while on business trip in Los Angeles during 1979. Howie decided to join the stage on amateur night at the Comedy Store. By chance, a producer spotted him and hired him right then for a game show called 'Make Me Laugh'. His appearance on the show landed him a ton of other projects, including talk shows, Diana Ross' opening act, and finally the TV series St. Elsewhere on NBC, playing Dr. Wayne Fiscus for three years.

Howie developed the Emmy nominated, 'Bobby's World', which was an animated show for kids. The show ran for eight seasons on FOX and repeats are shown all over the world six days a week. Howie was included in all aspects of the show; he was not only the creator and producer, but also the voice of Bobby and other characters. The storyline stems from Howie's own life and real world situations.

Mandel also ventured into the world of computers with interactive CD-ROM's for furthering children's education. A few of the software titles include 'Tuneland,' 'Lil' Howie's Great Math Adventure,' 'Lil' Howie's Great Word Adventure,' and 'Lil' Howie's Great Reading Adventure.' His programs have won over 30 awards worldwide.

Howie has been in numerous comedy specials and also has his own show, 'The Howie Mandel Show' a daytime talk/variety show produced and distributed by Paramount Domestic Television. To date, he has held over 200 concerts a year and continues to do so both live and on television. Howie is known for his improv, so preparation for his shows is not a problem. He believes this way every show will be unique. He also stresses that parents should not bring their kids along to the show, even though he plays a cartoon character. His stand up comedy is full of adult content.

Although his style has not changed much over the years (he also does not do the infamous trick with the inflatable glove over his head anymore, due to doctor's orders), Mandel still attracts the crowds. He is also known for befriending his opening acts and says that if there is a movie ever made out of his life, Yaphet Kotto would definitely play his part. Mandel currently tours all over North America, from Las Vegas, to Canada, to Connecticut. He lives with his wife, Terry, and has three children.