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Incubus History

Incubus is quite possibly the most popular alt-rock, prog-rock, alt-metal, funk metal, experimental rock band of all time, but you can’t really appreciate them without seeing them live. Now it’s time to get tickets for the tour supporting their newest album, 2009’s Monuments and Melodies.

The Incubus crew started out together early, as many hopeful rock bands do. Percussionist Brandon Boyd, guitarist Mike Einziger, bassist Alex Katunich (AKA Dirk Lance), and drummer Jose Pasillas were sophomores in high school in 1991 when they decided to form a band in their home of Calabasas, California. Their early sound was very heavily influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their sound evolved from funk-metal to incorporate rap-metal, thrash, post-grunge rock, and alt-metal. This change occurred before the boys were even out of high school. Before they graduated they were playing all-ages shows all around southern California. They eventually added turntablist DJ Lyfe to the lineup, and soon they released Fungus Amongus independently. The album gained the group attention from Epic Records, which soon signed them to its subsidiary label, Immortal.

By 1997, only six years after they formed as a garage band, Incubus released its first album on a major-label. The six-song release was titled Enjoy Incubus: fans apparently followed the title's advice. Just a year later the band released another album, S.C.I.E.N.C.E., which received much fanfare. Incubus began touring to promote the new album and tickets sold quickly across the US. They began opening for bands like Korn, Primus, 311, Sublime, and Unwritten Law. With the success of their touring and their album, Incubus gained a spot on the Ozzfest Tour. DJ Lyfe was replaced by DJ Kilmore by the time Incubus was invited to join the Korn Family Values Tour.

With the new exposure from intensive touring, the band decided to release another studio album; Make Yourself, out in '99, was a huge success. They did not take time to relax and enjoy their success before jumping on the tour bus once more. They finished up the 2000 Ozzfest tour and wowed the audience with their new single, 'Pardon Me'. The single helped Make Yourself sell more than two million copies. Another single from the album, 'Stellar', became a radio success. But it wasn't until 2001 when 'Drive' hit radio waves across the country that Incubus found success on the charts. The single made it to the top ten on the pop charts. Still continuing their steady touring career they released their next album, Morning View. It began its run at number two on the charts, rewarding Incubus for their hard work on tour. 'Wish You Were Here', 'Nice to Know You', and 'Warning' all hit it big on the radio. The success of the album bumped Incubus to headliner status on various touring circuits.

After such smooth sailing success it was inevitable that Incubus would hit a rocky stretch on the road to super stardom. In 2003 after a grueling year of touring, Incubus took Sony Records to court to have their contract terminated citing a violation of California labor laws. Soon after the lawsuit was settled the group's bassist Dirk Lance left the band. Guitarist Mike Eiziger called on friend Ben Kenney to replace Lance. With the new line up and new freedom from their previous contract, Incubus continued headlining sold out shows around the United States with legions of faithful rock fans in tow.