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Have you been waiting all year to see Infected Mushroom on tour? Great, they are going to be performing live near you! But wait, it looks like the concert is sold out, or, perhaps, the seats you are finding are not quite what you wanted.
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Infected Mushroom History

The infected mushroom is popular among the music lovers of today as the group has taken the music industry by storm by their creativity. It is well evident through their synthetic rhythms, layered melodies and hypnotic music arrangements. Their music can be rightly termed as Psychedelic Trance as they let all other music lovers fall into a trance with theirs. Amit Duvdevani and Erez Eisen, the Israel bred and the LA based duo performs under the name, infected mushroom. They are known for an array of musical instruments that they play, such as acoustic guitars, synthesized basses, tempo and drums. With a multimedia backdrop to perform, their music fever has received worldwide acclamation. Gaining a rank among the 10 best DJs by the UK's DJ magazine, this duo has created a niche for their self invented music talent.Erez Eisen was born in Qiryat Yam, Israel on 8th September 1980. He learnt classical music and began playing musical instruments when he was only 4. He was also trained to play the classical piano at the age of 8 and became well versed in computerized music when he was 11 years old. He also began playing impulse tracker and then proceeded to play with high advanced software in musical composition. He then began to work with DJ Jorg and with other top notch psytrance artists at the age of was 18. He released three albums and lots of tracks under various psytrance monikers. One among them is Shiva Shidapu. Amit Duvdeni was also born in Israel on 7th November 1974 and had a musical background. He began playing piano at the age of seven and played it for nine long years. He then proceeded towards punk rock and heavy metal. He got trained to play keyboards and also wrote the lyrics for Enzyme, Hanifa punk rock band. His first party was in 1991 and this was a memorable experience that triggered hid trance music interest. This year, the duo is getting huge popularity for their new invention, FungusAmongUSTour that offers a new experience of 3D mapping with sensational music.