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Janes Addiction History

Jane’s Addiction consists of members Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Eric Avery and Stephen Perkins. These rockers came together in 1985 to form what would be one of the most successful alternative rock bands of the late 1980s and one of the most influential bands of all time. The group was one of the first bands to emerge from the early 1990’s alternative rock music movement and are still considered to be trailblazers within this genre. They are also credited with helping to get mainstream attention to this unique style of rock in the United States. This attention quickly turned into massive commercial success and a dedicated fan following that still remains strong in the business today.During their time as a group Jane’s Addiction has had numerous hit records such as Nothing’s Shocking, Ritual de lo habitual, Strays and their most recent album The Great Escape Artist. While some may know them for their controversial music videos and their brutally honest lyrics; for most fans of the band one of the most intriguing things about the rockers is their high energy live performance style. These performances are what have made Jane’s Addiction one of the most respected bands in the alternative rock scene today and one of the most longstanding rock groups in all of popular music.As many in the world of music know, the group’s initial farewell tour actually spawned the now famous Lollapalooza festival and made the band the icons of the “Alternative Nation” of rock. Even with several breakups and reunions, it was clear that there was nothing that could keep the rockers from Jane’s Addiction apart and the group has officially come back together after several hiatuses from the world of popular music and have developed a more passionate fan following than ever. They are also touring around the country more than ever and delivering that signature high energy performance style to fans from all over the country.The band is continuing on with their touring agenda where Jane’s Addiction will be visiting venues across the country and performing some of their biggest hits to date. They will also be playing a number of their new songs from The Great Escape Artist for the many fans who have been waiting for years for the group to release new material and to hear their new recordings live.