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Jet History

Jet, an original Aussie band, sounds like one of the authentic rock and roll bands like AC/DC or the Rolling Stones. Their edgy sound distances them from the dime-a-dozen garage rock bands that are so common today. Jet is inspired by classic rock and roll like The Beatles, and they have even done a remake of Elvis Presley's 'That's Alright Mama' in an attempt to explore the roots of rock and roll music. The band is comprised of Cameron Muncey on guitar and vocals, Chris Chester on drums, Nic Chester on guitar, and Mark Wilson on bass.

The band began in Melbourne, Australia where the four members grew up. They all loved the old rock and roll sound, and their music, of course, reflects this influence. Brothers Nic and Chris Chester were fed a steady diet of classic rock and roll, and they despised the new 'grunge' music that they heard on the radio and craved a way to get back to the sound from bands like The Who, Oasis, and The Kinks. Nic and Chris met Cameron Muncey and Mark Wilson and the four decided to form a band that displayed their love of classic rock and roll music.

In 2000, Jet began performing at local venues with much success. They often performed with local heroes The Vines who sold out tickets in Australia: people began taking notice of this new band. Their first album was created independently in 2002: The Dirty Sweet EP was released only on vinyl and was limited to 1,000 pressings. It became very popular in Australia, and they quickly pressed 1,000 more copies.

Knowledge of this new up-and-coming group quickly spread to America and the U.K. In 2003, they signed with the American recording company Elektra. Their EP, Dirty Sweet, was re-released in Australia in May of 2003, and their first full-length album, Get Born, was released in November of 2003. It was instantly a hit, with songs such as 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl,' 'Take It or Leave It,' 'Look What You've Done,' 'Get Me Outta Here,' and 'Get What You Need.' The album went platinum: Jet has certainly become one of the most successful rock and roll revival bands.

They began touring the United States in 2004, selling out tickets at college campuses and small venues. Soon they were featured in an iPod commercial and, in a further display of their popularity, appeared on Saturday Night Live. 'Jet' quickly became a household name.

With up-front lyrics and catchy tunes, Jet has topped the charts with their debut album. They have toured in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and Japan. They have sold-out tickets on their worldwide tours, and their full-length album has gone platinum. Most of all, Jet is not concerned with keeping up an image or playing to the media: they are simply concerned with playing rock and roll music to the best of their abilities.