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Jon Stewart Tickets

Jon Stewart History

Jon Stewart is among the foremost comedians in the entertainment industry today. Since 1999 he has worked as the host and co-executive producer of Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.' Stewart has received an extensive list of awards including 'America's Best Talk Show Host from Time Magazine in 2001 and an Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Variety, Music or Comedy Series.' 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' airs on Comedy Central Monday - Thursday at 11 pm (ET).

Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz was born in New York, NY on November 28, 1962. His parents, Donald and Marian Leibowitz, divorced nine years later; Jon lived with his mother after the divorce. He attended the College of William and Mary in Virginia at age 17, where he majored in psychology and played on the soccer team. Stewart claims that he was miserable at college, which is very surprising because of his funny, outgoing nature displayed on television. Jon later changed his name from Jon Leibowitz to Jon Stewart in 2001; many reasons are given, however none are confirmed. He married Tracey McShane in November 1999

Success was not easily attained by Jon Stewart. He did not even enter the comedy world until 1987, but held myriad jobs prior to becoming a comedian, including bartender, waiter, busboy, Cancer Research Lab worker, and more. He admits to being fired from six stores in the same mall, and also to being fired by his own brother. In 1986, he moved to New York City from Lawrence Township, New Jersey, where he was raised.

Jon Stewart had his first gig at a club called 'The Bitter End' in New York. He self-admittedly bombed his first attempt at comedy but realized his true passion for it, oddly enough. Jon then went through a period of rough times, performing comedy skits during the wee hours of the morning at comedy clubs while not many people were in attendance, and he began to doubt himself. However, through late-night gigs at the Comedy Cellar, and other gigs, Jon became very well-known in the comedy circle. People apparently began to see the comedic genius in Jon Stewart.

Hosting television shows became a major theme in Jon Stewart's career for a period of time. However, cancellation also became a major theme in his career. First, he hosted 'Short Attention Span Theatre' on Comedy Channel, which was cancelled. Stewart then tried his luck with MTV. His first show, 'You Wrote It, You Watch It,' was cancelled within 13 weeks. Next, 'The Jon Stewart Show,' aired on MTV in 1993 as a 30-minute talk show; it later became 60 minutes but was cancelled two years after it first aired.

Stewart has also guest-hosted many shows in his career. He never took over as a main host again until 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.' He guest-hosted for Tom Snyder on 'The Late, Late Show with Tom Snyder,' rumors began circulating that he would take over for Tom Snyder, but he did not. He also worked as a guest-host on 'The Larry Sanders Show,' where it was once again rumored he would take over, but as before it did not happen. Jon Stewart was also a finalist to replace David Letterman on NBC, but the position went to Conan O' Brien instead.

Along with comedy and television shows, Jon Stewart has acted in many movies. His first role, a cameo, was in 'Mixed Nuts' (1994) with Steve Martin. Other minor roles include 'Half Baked' (1998) with Dave Chapelle and 'Committed' (2000). Major roles in Stewart's career include 'Big Daddy' (1999) with Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider as well as 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back' (2001), written by the hilarious Kevin Smith.