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Journey History

Journey, the American rock band, was created by the former members of Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch in 1973 in San Francisco. Though this band has travelled through a number of phases but after the successful period of 1978 to 1987 it was suspended temporarily. A series of hit songs including Don't Stop Believin' released in 1981 were released by this band which became the best seller music albums in 2009 in the history of iTunes. Escape, the most successful parent album and the eighth of this band, along with another popular single Open Arms’ reached number one position on Billboard 200. this band reached to the number 6 position on UK Album Chart in 1983 on the basis of Frontiers’ along with a number of singles created by it. In the mid of 1990s various leading singers were added to this band to reestablish it.Till date this band has released eight multi-platinum albums, one diamond album and two gold albums along with seven multi-platinum albums consecutively released during its most successful period, between 1978 and 1987. Out of eighteen top 40 singles six were successful to reach the US Chart of Top 10 and two to the number one position at Billboard Charts whereas Don't Stop Believin' reached to 6th position on the UK Singles Chart. By 1978 Journey was considered as one of the most beloved commercial pop/rock bands of America and had the reputation of All music band after they have changed their sound quality at the time of release of their fourth album, Infinity, by including traditional pop arrangements in it. This band was assumed as the 28th best selling band by the Recording Industry Association of America due to the sale of more than 47 million albums only in US whereas the worldwide sale of their records reached up to 75 millions. An opinion poll conducted by USA Today had named it as the fifth best rock band in history of America. Their arena stapling rock songs are played on various rock radio stations all over the world till today. People from round the globe love to listen this rock band. There are fans of this band in each and every country of the world.The history of Journey starts from 1973 when its initial members reached San Francisco under the sponsorship of Herbie Herbert, former manager of Santana. Initially it started as the Golden Gate Rhythm Section to serve established Bay Area artists as a backup group with Santana alumni vocalist Gregg Rolie on keyboards and lead guitarist Neal Schon. Later on the group was rounded out with rhythm guitarist George Tickner and Bassist Ross Valory, former members of Frumious Bandersnatch. Prairie Prince from The Tubes was the drummer of this group. Soon the band started to develop fusion style distinctive jazz music after discarding the job of back up group. Roadie John Villaneuva suggested the name Journey after this group failed in a radio contest. In 1973 the band publicly performed for the first time on New Year’s Eve at Winterland Ballroom. After that Columbia Records offered a recording contract after their debut performance at the Great American Music Hall.In later years this band released a number of successful albums and singles which have reached at high positions on US music Charts. In 1976 their second album Look into the Future’ could not do better in the music market. In 1977 Wheel in the Sky’ was written by this band during its tour with Fleischman but soon they have to leave this tour due to management differences. Infinity’ was the forth album of this band, after hiring Steve Perry as new lead singer, which reached the 21st position on album charts and along with hit singles Wheel in the Sky’ and Light’ enabled this band to get their first RIAA-platinum certification. In 1979 Evolution’ was recorded by Schon, Perry, Smith, Valory and R