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Kathy Griffin History

Kathy Griffin is a fantastic comedian. She became popular in the early nineties at the same time Janeane Garofalo and David Cross hit the scene. They are very different stylistically but represent the anti-establishment, culturally conscious, satirical comedians whose careers blossomed at the time. Kathy Griffin has some strong opinions about pop culture, celebrities and current events and is not afraid to speak her mind. If you like socially-centered, wry comedy and poignant satire, you have to buy Kathy Griffin tickets for a show on her new tour.

In the nineties, popular comedy changed a lot. There was a metamorphosis from humorous story-telling and jokes with punch-lines to an edgier style of socially minded/politically conscious conversational routines. Kathy Griffin uses real world events and celebrity culture in her comedy routine and makes you laugh out loud about the funny way our world works. She first found fame playing the peculiar best friend in the television show Suddenly Susan. In 2005, she got her own show called Kathy Griffin: My Life on the Celebrity D-List. The D-List is her brain child and she uses it to describe the fact that she does not fit into the Hollywood mold for what a celebrity looks like or acts like.

Kathy Griffin is a fiery redhead, who is known to be a big proponent of gay rights and of plastic surgery. She is off-color at times and downright ditzy on purpose. She makes bold statements about how she sees the world and every audience falls in love with Kathy Griffin's simple stress-free answers to everyday questions. Tickets to Kathy Griffin's shows sell out fast, so you'll want to buy yours now.

If Kathy hasn't already found a place in your heart through her quirky television characters and adventures, then you are in for a real treat when you see her perform her live standup. Kathy is articulate and adorable, single-minded and hilariously funny. Get your Kathy Griffin tickets here and enjoy the show. You will be quoting her for weeks after you experience the socially-minded madness and joyful decadence of Kathy Griffin.