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Les Miserables History

The highly successful Les Miserables, or Les Mis, is a musical play based on the novel of the same name. The story of this musical production is set in early 19th century France and focuses around the story of Jean Valjean as he meets an array of characters involved in the important historical revolutionary period in the country. In addition to providing a historic look at 19th Century France, the production is known for having some of the most popular music in any Broadway production to date. Although the story depicted is a heart wrenching tale of struggle, sorrow and loss, it has long been a favorite among theatre-goers for more than a decade.The first musical production of the play first took place in London, England in 1980 and in 1987 first made its way to the Broadway stage. That same year Les Miserables also went on its first US tour, visiting sold out venues across the country. The play won eight Tony Awards in 1987 as well proving it had more than just fan appeal but that it was one of the most critically acclaimed productions of its time.There have been several tours and revivals of the production since it first hit the stage; including a special 10th Anniversary production, a 2006 Broadway revival and a 25th Anniversary tour. Before its revival in 2006, when Les Miserables ended its original Broadway run it was the second-longest running Broadway musical of all time. The play currently holds the third spot for longest running musical productions today. The 25th Anniversary tour and concert which took place in 2009 ran throughout 2010 and thanks to its massive success, the production continues to tour around the country, featuring new talents in the now iconic roles of this play.The play has recently garnered even more attention on its current nationwide tour thanks to the 2012 production of the musical which is set to big a big Broadway hit for the 2012 season. Those who want to see the performance on one of its current tours will find that the musical is still performing in cities across the country and finding a great deal of success as new generations, inspired by the movie production of the play are finding their way to theaters to see this heart-wrenching tale live.