Monty Python's Spamalot Tickets

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Monty Python's Spamalot History

Legendary Monty Python founder Eric Idle, Brit Comedy innovator that helped define dry, wry English wit, the Ministry of Silly Walks, dead parrot sketches and dead ringers ('I fart in your general direction') brings Spamalot to the stage.

In ordinary terms, killer rabbits would be almost as frightening as the amount of talent in this show. But Idle has done it nevertheless, and the result is a revamped Holy Grail complete with new songs, new characters, sexy babes and promises to take the most rabid fan for a ride on the silly train that is Monty Python. Collaborating with John Du Prez (Tony-award winner) for new songs and story line, it's opening in Chicago with a run afterwards on Broadway. Mike Nichols directs after taking a few of his most notable previous efforts, The Graduate and Closer, to critical acclaim on-screen.

Even Hormel is getting in on the joke. Special edition versions of Spam will be sold in the New York lobby. The flavor? Golden Honey Grail Spam. 'Spam is the Holy Grail of canned meats,' says Idle. With his reputation, I challenge a counterpoint.

So check it out. 'Tis a silly play.