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Ray Davies History

Ray Davies is not only the former singer/songwriter for pivotal sixties British Invasion band The Kinks, but also a published author, filmmaker, Commander of the British Empire and now solo recording artist. Some years since his last full album release, Davies returned to the popular music charts in 2006 with Other People's Lives, which many are hailing as a grand continuance of his clean-cut sound and reflective songwriting style. Now touring this exciting new album, Ray Davies brings back the magical possibility of seeing a live performance from a genuine sixties rock legend. With his distinctive and powerful British singing voice, poignant guitar melodies and retrospective lyrics, Ray Davies truly represents a sixties music icon. If you've ever twisted, bopped or shimmied, you won't ever regret buying Ray Davies tickets!

In North London in 1963 Ray Davies, his brother Dave Davies and Dave's school friend Peter Quaife formed The Ravens, later to become the Kinks. Often lost amidst the shadows of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, The Kinks were as prolific and influential as any of the sixties greats. With anthem hits like 'You Really Got Me' and 'Waterloo Sunset,' The Kinks established themselves in popular culture with a mixture of early-Beatles distorted blues-rock and individually illustrative lyrics. And it is from these roots that the modern Ray Davies sound has continued to grow. The Kinks continued to perform and record for decades, yet the tensions resounding from the fact that Ray Davies enjoyed near autocratic status in the band as the sole songwriter caused the band to officially dissolve in 1996. The lasting legacy of The Kinks alone will ensure the popularity of Ray Davies tickets indefinitely.

Yet Davies' solo career is almost as prolific and exciting as that of The Kinks. Besides publishing his fictional memoir X-Ray and other short stories, Davies wrote, directed and scored Return to Waterloo in 1985 and made two further films in the 1990s. But it is for his famous songwriting talent and inspiring musical performances that he returns to the media spotlight. Ray Davies' role as the main songwriting force in The Kinks is very much related to his musical aesthetic in the post-Kinks world; the famous harmonies, dispassionate mod imagery and satirical lyrics on suburban life are largely of Ray Davies' creation. Yet Davies has evolved into a more reflective and mellowed solo performer as seen on The Tourist EP and Other People's Lives.

Ray Davies should never be thought of as the mere lead singer of a once-great band. His songwriting abilities and talents as an individual performer have earned him chart success and audience following for years, outside of his previous achievements. His live concerts are passionate, exciting and original. See a genuine Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performer with tickets to see Ray Davies from Coast To Coast.