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Riverdance History

Riverdance is a Celtic traditional art form that has captured the hearts of America. It has been in production for ten years and tells the history of Ireland through music and motion. Riverdance is full of stunning imagery and beautiful melody. When you buy Riverdance tickets, you are in for a rare treat of unforgettable ballads and remarkable dance.

The story of Riverdance is a mix of rousing Celtic mythology and Irish history. Everything is revealed through the music and choreography. Never have you seen a production so deeply meaningful and energetic. If you are one of the people in this country that has even a little bit of Irish in them, whether through ancestry or marriage, you will appreciate the spectacle and sound of this celebrated dance show.

The technical aspects of Riverdance are striking. The dancers perform with a precision gained from experience and tireless practice. The Irish dance is complicated and very fast. It is an amazing spectacle to take in and will thrill you as much as the music will mesmerize and stir you.

Just like its debut at Radio City Music Hall, this new incarnation of Riverdance is sure to win the hearts of every audience it encounters. Irish heritage is a huge part of the history not only of Europe but of the United States as well. Get your Riverdance tickets now and bring your family and friends. No one should miss this inspired production of America's favorite dance show, Riverdance.