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Sesame Street Live! History

Sesame Street Live is a dynamic children's show featuring everyone's favorite puppet characters as well as a few extra friends. This 90-minute show is designed to entertain young kids as well as the parents that accompany them. For many young children, Sesame Street Live is their very first stage show and many parents worry that their toddlers won't be able to hold still. This fear is unfounded. The show is designed for young kids by the Sesame Street experts and can hold the attention of the squirmiest audience members.

The 90-minute stage show is chock full of entertaining music, exciting choreography, flashy stage effects and bright colors to keep kids interested. The content is educational as well as being fun. The show features sing-alongs, dancing and many elements of audience participation.

The Sesame Street Live show is based on the award-winning children's televisions show, Sesame Street . The stage show was developed to bring the characters of Sesame Street closer to the kids as well as to expose children to a form of more participatory entertainment. Many other children's television shows have followed Sesame Street's example. Shows like Barney and Dora the Explorer have created similar stage shows, but Sesame Street Live was the pioneer of this new entertainment genre.

Sesame Street Live has had time to evolve into an even more fun and imaginative series of shows. With different themes, characters and games, there's a show for everyone. 1-2-3-Imagine! features award-winning original songs as well as revamped pop songs like Surfin' Safari and When the Saints Go Marching In. The obvious central lesson is number sense, but the show also includes elements of the Spanish language and letter understanding. One of the major themes of the show is the power of the imagination. Characters in the show feature favorites like Big Bird, Bert & Ernie, Elmo and Cookie Monster.

Everyone Makes Music is another option for the musically inclined child. This show, featuring Big Bird, Grover, Rosita, Count Von Count and many other favorite characters, shares the world of music with the audience. This show features many sing-alongs with the musical monsters of Sesame Street. Again, pop songs are an important feature that brings parents into the mix. Old favorites like Dance to the Music and The Hustle let parents share the music of their own parents with their children. This show also teaches the importance of making new friends feel welcome.

Another important lesson about friendship comes in the aptly named Let's Be Friends. Big Bird brings the lessons of friendship and acceptance to the stage with many of his Sesame Street friends. A special feature of this show that makes kids feel like they belong is learning the super secret Friendship Club handshake. They can share the secret with their friends when they return from the show. Audience participation is a large element of the show, with songs like If You're Grouchy and You Know It and a puppet version of Yakety Yak, Shout and Wipe Out.

Fans of the classic Hokey Pokey will enjoy the Out of This World stage show. The show features the Sesame Street classic We Are All Earthlings. Ernie, Elmo and Grover are all featured heavily in teaching the importance of making new friends and learning about our world community. Learning about loving and accepting other cultures is an important lesson in the increasingly connected world. With this show, the Sesame Street Live cast truly delivers.